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Perspective on Language and Literacy

This journal has several great articles focussing on various aspects of Syntax as listed below. 

  • Syntax: its role in literacy learning
  • Syntax Development in the School-Age Years: implications for assessment and intervention
  • The Role of Complex Sentence Knowledge in Children with Reading and Writing Difficulties
  • The Assessment of Written Syntax
  • Syntax: somewhere between words and text

Eberhardt, N.C. (Summer 2013).  Syntax: Its role in literacy learning. Perspectives on Language and Literacy.  

Scott, C. M. (April 2009). A case for the sentence in reading comprehension.  Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools 40: 184-191. 

Steffani, S. (Spring 2007).  Identifying embedded and conjoined complex sentences: Making it simple. Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders 34, 44-54.