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The Foundation of Literacy

At Sound Beginnings, we believe that a sound beginning to literacy and learning is fundamental to success. Oral language and communication matter; they are the foundation of literacy. A solid foundation of oral language and communication skills supports children become confident readers and effective communicators with an overall sense of well-being.

Sound Beginnings is passionate about helping teachers know what to include and how to apply key practices that are foundational in achieving literacy success for every learner. This starts with oral language and communication. 

Key to accessing the language of teaching and learning


The Sound Beginnings Literacyscapeâ„¢ is an evidence based and research informed framework that takes the elements often associated with structured literacy and wraps these in the properties of oral language. The framework is informed by the work of Marion Blank, placing key importance on conversation and questioning, vocabulary acquisition and use, and the development of verbal reasoning and abstract language capability. These aspects of oral language are key in learners accessing the language of teaching and learning and the key to successful literacy and learning.