Visualisation skills

The ability to visualise as you read is key for school and learning success. Support your struggling readers with these fun and engaging activities that will build on your learner’s ability and confidence in this important skill.

This resource provides step-by-step activities to quickly build the ability to visualise information while reading.  Visualising is our ability to create mental pictures in our heads based on the text we read or the words we hear. It is one of the key skills required for reading comprehension.

Students who visualise as they read not only have a richer reading experience but can recall what they have read for longer periods of time.

Having a strong mental image of a text allows students to more accurately and effectively answer Level four (SBQF) questions, such as inference, prediction etc. 

If your learner struggles with reading comprehension, working on visualisation skills should be high on your list or priorities. 

About this resource:

  • Suitable for 1-1 or classroom use
  • Gradually increments difficulty
  • Each activity is a model for you to use to build other examples 
  • These are designed to be short bites, taking maybe 5 minutes each
  • Activities can be used at anytime – by design or whenever you have a spare moment


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