Language of Learning: Understanding It and Teaching It

We’re excited to launch Te Kete Hono’s digital platform for the Language of Learning framework. It offers formative and picture assessments, enabling teachers to record responses, review assessments, identify gaps, group students, and tailor teaching strategies for personalised learning and progress.

A Framework and Assessment

Research tells us that 65% of 5-year-olds cannot understand the level of language teachers use in the classroom. The Language of Learning: Understanding It and Teaching It approach tells you exactly what it is that learners need.

Teachers need to be able to change the level and type of language that they use. This is every teacher in every classroom, in every curriculum area, at every level of every school. The Language of Learning: Understanding It and Teaching It is an uncomplicated, effective approach that highlights that literacy is the responsibility of every teacher. This approach is not a curriculum, rather a way to strengthen all curriculums. It is an innovative, proven research-based pedagogical approach.

One of the biggest challenges on learning success is teachers misunderstanding of the importance of oral language and communication. It is much more than simply speaking and listening. The features of oral language are often misinterpreted in the way English is taught. Particularly to non-English speakers. Oral language is the foundation for all literacy skill development and learning. It is the strongest indicator of later reading, writing, and overall academic achievement.

The Language of Learning: Understanding It and Teaching It is a seamless approach that impacts on learners of all ages. This approach is the key in preparing the ground for future learning success.

There are three parts to the Language of Learning Assessment Tool:

  1. Engaging Language of Learning Lap Cards
  2. Formative Assessment
  3. Picture assessment.

The Assessment Tools are designed to be an assessment of receptive language and verbal reasoning skills. The purpose is not to see if the child understands certain vocabulary but whether they understand the underlying type of questioning.

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