Professional learning

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Professional learning for teachers, teams, leaders, and schools.

Sound Beginnings’ accredited facilitators help teachers and school leaders build their knowledge in oral language and communication, understand why this is foundational in structured literacy instruction and know how to apply this in their practice. We personalise professional learning to suit your needs and your budget. 

Personalised Professional Learning

Understand your learners, 
know the essential components of literacy teaching, so 
you know what to teach and how to support learners for literacy success.

Beginnings Workshops

Unpack the foundational elements of literacy: what matters, why, and how to apply this in practice. Face to face and online options.

Keys to Literacy
and Learning

The essentials of oral language and communication for successful literacy and learning. Accredited online and face to face courses taking research into practice. 

Professional Learning for your school

Find out how you can
access free in-school professional learning and development.